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혁신적인 NASA 헬리콥터, 화성에서 UFO 잔해 발견

NASA의 Creative Mars Helicopter는 탐색 카메라를 사용하여 이 이미지를 캡처했습니다. 이 카메라는 헬리콥터의 동체에 장착되어 비행 중인 지면을 추적하기 위해 직선으로 향하게 됩니다. 이 이미지는 2021년 11월 6일(Perseverance Rover 임무의 SOL 254) 평균 현지 태양시 12:06:00에 획득했습니다. 이것은 Ingenuity의 열다섯 번째 비행 날짜였습니다. 크레딧: NASA/JPL-Caltech

의 스냅샷[{” attribute=””>Mars helicopter’s navigation camera reveals a small piece of foreign object debris (FOD).

During a portion of the Ingenuity Mars helicopter’s 33rd flight, a small piece of foreign object debris (FOD) was seen in footage (see video below) from the Mars helicopter’s navigation camera (Navcam).

This foreign object debris was not visible in Navcam footage from the previous flight (32). The FOD is seen in Flight 33 Navcam imagery from the earliest frames to around halfway through the video, when it fell from the leg and drifted back to the Mars surface. All telemetry from the flight and a post-flight search and transfer are nominal and show no indication of vehicle damage. The Ingenuity and Perseverance Mars 2020 teams are currently working to determine the source of the debris.

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Flight 33 Foreign Object Debris

Navigation Camera Imagery of Ingenuity’s Flight 33: A small piece of foreign object debris (FOD) is seen in this footage from the navigation camera of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter during its 33rd flight on Mars on September 24, 2022. The FOD is seen attached to one of the rotorcraft’s landing legs (upper right part of image), then drifting away. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Flight 33 Preview – By the Numbers

  • Flight number – 33
  • No earlier than Sol 567, Saturday, Sept. 24
  • Heading – West
  • Max Altitude – 33 feet (10 meters)
  • Expected Distance – ~365 feet (111.238 meters)
  • Expected Airspeed – 10.6 mph (4.75 m/s)
  • Expected Time Aloft – 55.61 seconds
  • Goal of Flight: Reposition of the helicopter

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